Teach Someone to Fish

If you’re not sure where to start with fishing, this guide is for you. Covering everything from the best reel and rod combo for you and how to choose the right bait for the species of fish you are targeting, this is the complete fishing guide needed to get your outdoor adventure started.

Where to fish:

Knowing where to fish during each season in incredibly important because it determines how you will fish in each spot. The first thing you need to know - fish really only care about two things: eating and not being eaten. If you can remember that it will help you find a great catch. They are most likely going to be swimming near a food source, hiding near cover to ambush their prey, etc. Here is a quick guide to finding them in each season:

Spring: Fish are usually found in shallow water (3-5 feet from surface of water)

Summer: Fish are usually found in deeper water (6-20 feet from surface of water)

Fall: Fish are usually found in shallow water (3-5 feet from surface of water)

Winter: Fish are usually found in deeper water (6-20 feet from surface of water)

Here at Zebco, we like to tell new anglers to look for the 3 S’s of fishing: Shade, Safety, and Snacks.

Shade: Most fish species will gravitate to shady areas. Look for anything in the water that may provide them with a little shade, especially on brighter days. They may be resting in the dark recesses under a dock or perhaps beneath an overhanging tree limb along a bank.  

Safety: As we pointed out a moment ago, one of the things fish care about the most is not being eaten. They look for safety. They will hide in brush piles to keep out of the path of predators like bigger fish, or birds of prey. They hide near large rocks and behind concrete columns holding up a bridge. Even when they are spending most of their time in shallow water, they seem to prefer being nearby deeper water in case they need to flee to safety in a hurry.

Snacks: Also like we pointed out a moment ago, fish are primarily concerned with eating. They are just like us; one of the most important rooms in the house is always the kitchen! When you walk down to the water’s edge, take a moment and look around for sources of food, like minnows, bugs, or crawfish. Almost all species of fish are more likely to congregate in areas that have abundant food sources. 

When to fish:

For best fishing during any season of the year, it is recommended that you go at the following times of day:

Early morning: first few hours before light

Late evening: first hour before dark

Overcast days/low light conditions

What to fish with:

When choosing between a spincast combo or a spinning combo, there are some important things to keep in mind.


Spincast Pros:

  • They’re easy-to-use

  • Better line control to prevent twists

  • No backlash


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Spincast Cons:

  • Limited casting range

  • Less accurate

  • Lower line capacity

  • Slower retrieve rate

Spinning Pros:

  • Far casting distances

  • Works well with light lines and bait

  • Larger line capacity

  • Faster retrieve rate

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Spinning Cons:

  • Easier line tangles and twists

  • More experience needed to cast



When you’re just starting out, the best technique to employ is HAVING FUN! There are a lot of unique and advanced techniques that are involved with fishing, but starting easy, building confidence, and having fun with your friends or family should be the main goal every time you go out to fish.

Beginner’s tackle box:

  • Live bait
    • When fishing for panfish (sunfish, bluegill, perch) use live crickets and worms
    • When fishing for bass or crappie use live minnows

  • Fun assortment of artificial bait
    • Small- or medium-sized, like a plastic jig or worm

  • Small hooks for live bait

  • Small weights for live bait

  • Small or medium sized bobbers
  • Pliers
    • For cutting line & removing hook from fish

  • Gloves

  • Spool of line that best suits your reel
    • Typically 6-10 lb monofilament or fluorocarbon

  • Bottle of water & snacks

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We recommend:

Zebco 33 Spincast Combo

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404 Spincast Combo with Tackle

Easy-to-use, no-tangle design, tackle included

Roam Spinning Combo

Smooth operation, contemporary design, available in telescopic

Stinger Spinning Combo

Variety of sizes, smooth operation, durable